Push Network is a global prayer network with the aim of ceaselessly shaking the throne room of grace to bring down the manifestation of God’s glory upon the life of members; and also to intercede to break the strongholds that may tend to besiege our land and the people.

PUSH is an acronym for Pray Until Something Happens. It is a members’ only network. Membership into the network is purely on invitation; and, being “Born Again” is the major criteria for membership into PUSH Network.

The Network seeks to unify ministers of the gospel, Church leaders, and Church workers through prayer; to sharpen and strengthen one another’s faith in God, and to support one another in prayers until one is no more left with any seemingly unanswered prayers

However, you don’t need to be a member before you can send in your prayer request(s) for those depressing needs of yours. Do you have challenges and are in need of prayers? Please send in your requests for we are here for you! We are always available and ready to pray with you for those needs and challenges.